Friday, March 02, 2012

Nerf War Party!

Yesterday we celebrated Ben and Jon's (who will be 13 on March 12) birthdays with a Nerf war party. These two may be three years apart, but they are very close and do not mind at all sharing a party.  It didn't go quite as planned, but it was a success anyway. 

We had reserved (and paid for) the room at our neighborhood community center to hold the party thinking it would be great - lots of room to run around, easy to keep all the darts contained, saving my house from all the craziness.  Well, no one showed up to open the room.  So back to the house we went - at least it was close!

The kids didn't care. They had a great time.

My house survived. And we're getting our money back.  So all's well that ends well!

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