Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Kid on Crutches

For 18 years we've managed to keep from having a kid on crutches - until now.

Jonathan was playing on a playground with friends Sunday night and fell and scraped up his knee.  I cleaned it up and we were joking about how he always scrapes up his knees.  He even got an infection a couple years ago from a badly scraped knee.  He sat down to watch some TV and 30 minutes called me over.  His knee had swollen up to nearly twice its normal size.

I took him to the doctor Monday morning.  X-rays showed no fractures, thank goodness.  The x-rays were sent to a specialist to look at, but we haven't heard anything back yet.  For now we're taking a wait and see approach.  He's supposed stay off the knee, hence the crutches, for a few days and see how things go.  If it's still swollen and painful by next Monday, we'll probably have to see an orthopedist.  The pain isn't too bad today, but it's still swollen.  We're praying he gets better quickly and won't need anything else like surgery or physical therapy.  Don't really have time for that!  We're moving in 8 weeks!


Kristal said...

Hoping he is fine and doesn't need any further treatment

sophia shao said...


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