Thursday, May 10, 2012



His knee is getting better.  We saw an orthopedist Monday.  He said it is most likely bruised cartilage, no evidence of any tears.  He gave him a brace to wear to make walking easier and some exercises to do.  He should be back to normal in a couple weeks.

Also, Jonathan had an audition at church yesterday to play drums for youth services.  This was already in the works before we found out about the move.  But they let him audition knowing he would only have a few weeks to play.  He did AWESOME!!!  They loved him!  They said yes to youth worship AND they said he is as good as the guys that play for the main services and they might schedule him for one before we move.  What a great experience for him.  We will obviously be looking for a church in Virginia where he will be able to use his talents.

The house

It's only showed twice so far.  I'm a little disappointed in that, but we are having the house painted (started today) and it will look so much better when that's done.  For the painting, we had three estimates done (for some of the outside and most of the inside).  We were in shock a little after the first two bids, but the third one came in $1000 less.  How is that possible?  Obviously we went with them and so far they are doing a great job.


He still says he's staying here.  He has found a place to live with some friends of ours.  The garage of their house had been turned into quest quarters with a living area, bedroom, and bathroom.  No kitchen, but there is a frige already and he bought a microwave and toaster oven.  He's still looking for another job.  The rent is VERY reasonable, but 20 hours a week at minimum wage won't cut it.  He interviewed at Dion's (a pizza place) this week, but hasn't heard back yet.  He says he's going to try Walmart next.  We'll see....

New house

Greg and I will be going to Virginia at the end of May.  He has work meetings.  I'll be looking at houses!  We've been looking on-line and have found a few possibilities.  I can't wait to actually be there and see where we'll be living and look at more that just pictures.  Hopefully we'll have a contract on our house here by then.  Please pray!

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Kristal said...

Busy times at your house! Knowing all the plans are God's and it will all come together in His perfect timing!

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