Friday, July 27, 2012

Emily's Hair Cut(s)

So my cousin Tammy offered to take Emily for the day earlier this week so I could get some unpacking done (and a little shopping - don't tell!).  When I met her to pick Emily up, Tammy was so upset saying she only left them alone for a minute to go to the bathroom.  I thought she was going to tell me she got hurt.  What she told me was that her 3 yr old daughter Faith cut Emily's hair.  The bad part was that Faith had cut her own hair just a few days before.  You can see why Tammy would be so upset.

 She got a chunk of her bands and a pretty good chunk out of the back.  The back wasn't real noticeable because her hair is so wavy, but it needed to be fixed.

We were at a mall yesterday, so I decided to get it cut.  We had to go short to even it up.

I almost cried when she started cutting.  I thought it would be too short and not look good, but by the time she finished I saw it was going to be ok.  I think it looks adorable.  And now it will grow out even.  I will miss pigtails though.  But as I told Tammy.  It's hair - it will grow back!

Tammy still feels badly about it, but I told her now we have the best family story.  We'll be telling it at the girls' weddings!

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Kristal said...

She look so cute like that!

I so feel Tammy's pain...

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