Tuesday, August 07, 2012


We had a dedication ceremony this past weekend for Emily and Greg's nephew's twin girls.  Several people had asked us if we were going to do this for Emily, but we were waiting so Greg's dad could do the ceremony as he had for all the boys.  When I found out Nathan and Dana were coming with their girls and wanted to have them dedicated while they were here I asked if they minded if we did Emily at the same time.  They didn't mind!  It was a beautiful special ceremony at the lake house.  Greg's dad (grandpa to Emily, great-grandpa to the twins) and brother-in-law Bob (uncle to Emily, grandpa to the twins) put a lot of work and thought into it.  It was so special!  Emily and the twins are beautiful blessings from the Lord.

Our precious blessing
Dana and Nathan with Emma and Evangeline

Grandpa prays for Emily
Kind of hard to get a good picture of all these girls!

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