Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well, almost. We have a contract on our house in NM! What a relief.

The buyers looked at the house the first time about 3 weeks ago when we were still there. They came back for another look Tuesday afternoon and made an offer that night. We countered yesterday and they accepted. There are still some hoops to jump through (inspections, appraisal, their financing), but hopefully we'll be closing by the end of August. It's perfect timing really because we'll have to make our first house payment here in September. No double mortgage payments!!!

We close on our house here Monday afternoon! We will move in with what we have after we sign the papers. We'll have the trailer with the rest of our stuff delivered later in the week. We are all ready to have our own beds back!

We're so thankful that God is seeing us through this whole process. I'm learning more and more to trust Him with every area of my life.

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Kristal said...

Congrats! So happy it is all going smoothly!

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