Thursday, July 05, 2012


Well, we've been in Virginia for a week now. We're staying with Greg's parents and brother (same house) until we close on our new house which I think will be July 16. Greg started his new job Monday. It's going well although the commute (until we get in our house) is a killer.

We had a crazy weekend. There was a huge storm Friday night and we were without power until Sunday afternoon. Thankfully we had a generator to power the fridge and a few fans. The basement of the house stayed fairly cool. But it sure was dark out here at night!

The kids are all doing great. The house is on a lake so all we have to do is walk down the hill and jump in to cool off.

Yesterday (4th of July) was great with tons of family and friends here. We are enjoying being with family, but it still feels like we are just on vacation. We'll all be glad to get in our own house and find our new normal.

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