Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to school update

I'm sure you all are just dying to know how the boys are doing in school...

Well, the first day was great for Ben and awful for Jon.

Ben is in 5th grade, still elementary school.  He was very nervous, but got up and decided to be brave and got on that bus.  He made a friend the first day.  He likes his teacher.  The 5th graders switch classes for math, science, and social studies.  He thinks its weird to sit in someone else's desk.  But he's off to a good start!

Jon hated the first day of school.  It's middle school.  They did nothing on the first day.  After taking care of first day business, the teaches let the kids talk.  Jon is new and doesn't know anyone so this was no fun at all for him - a whole day of doing nothing.  Then he had to listen to potty mouth kids on the bus ride home.  He was a grump for the whole evening after that first day.  The second day was better.  He actually liked a couple of his classes and teachers.  Although he hasn't really made friends yet, it seems he has a measure of popularity already.  He has people coming up to him and asking if he knows Spanish because they think he's from Mexico.  Have these kids never had US geography?!  New Mexico is in the United States and we do speak English!

With the boys in school, I decided to start potty training Emily.  I was so not looking forward to doing this again.  We are doing the no pants method.  I just keep her naked from the waist down and keep the potty chair close.  There has been pee on the floor, but also in the potty!  Today she couldn't hold number 2 and longer and that went on the floor.  Oh well, next time maybe it will make it in the potty.  I'm not giving up!

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Kristal said...

Sorry that Jon has not found his place yet. Hopefully it will get better. Does he speak Spanish... that is funny.

Good luck with Robin!

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