Sunday, August 19, 2012


My boys start school tomorrow!  This is their first time attending public school.  Benjamin went to a private preschool. Jonathan went to the same preschool and attended a Christian school for Kindergarten and first grade.  They've been homeschooled since.

They are both a little nervous and apprehensive about the first day, but I think they are ready.  I've heard nothing but good about the schools here and we feel good about our decision to put them in school. 

So Jonathan starts 8th grade.  He'll be in the band so I know he'll make friends quickly.  Benjamin starts 5th grade.  He thinks the playground looks awesome, so I guess he'll be looking forward to recess!

I'll let you know if they (and Emily and I without them) survive!

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Anonymous said...

They will do great! And you will love getting to spend one on one with Emily!

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