Friday, September 07, 2012

What's up

Warning - Long post with gross pictures!

Wow! Is it really September already?!  Life is good for us here in Virginia.  The boys are doing so great in school.  It's really going better than I ever expected.  I even think they actually like it! 

Yesterday was kind of a big day around here. Jonathan went to the first meeting of the Lego robotics club after school yesterday.  He's so excited about it.  They will be competing in a competition in a couple months.  This is so totally up his alley.  And now Ben can't wait to get to middle school so he can do it too!

Benjamin had his first lesson with a new piano teacher.  She's a college student who works under an experienced piano teacher.  She was very sweet and Ben liked her.  The best part it she's comes to the house for lessons.  I don't have to drive him!  She was impressed with his ability and I think she's excited to work with him.

Big day for me too.  I had minor surgery on my toe!  I had an ingrown toenail that was infected.  It's been messed up since before we moved, but I kept ignoring it hoping it would work itself out (which has happened before).  But when it started swelling and turning red I figured it was time to have it looked at.  Want to see some gross pics?  Sure you do!
Before treatment
What he cut out.  The widest part is the bottom of the nail that was stuck. EWWWW!
All bandaged up!
 So the doctor cut out that strip of nail and then killed the nail root/bed on that edge so it won't grow/ingrow again.  I'll spare you the pic of what it looks like today.  Not pretty!  It's a little sore today probably more from the infection than the surgery.  I'm on antibiotics so hopefully this will all be better in a week or two. 

 Enough of that!  Here's a pretty picture.
 I knit this little cardigan for Emily.  Isn't it adorable?!  It just needs some buttons.  I hope she'll wear it when it cools off.  She about threw a fit when I asked her to try it on!

One final thing.  I got a new photo printer.  It's awesome.  I can print from my iphone. So cool.  It also prints from my computer like a regular printer.  It just prints 4x6, but they are great prints - better than Walgreens.  Just ignore those reviews on Amazon.  It works great!

Oh and one more thing!  Zach is coming to visit week after next! Last week was kind of rough for him and his boss told him he needed to go see his family.  Doesn't listen to us but he does listen to his boss!  We are so excited to get to see him!  I hope he'll love it here and decide he needs his family!

Happy September!

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Kristal said...


Love the sweater, what pattern did you use? Hope she wears it too... maybe she could help pick out the buttons!

Praying for Zach!

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