Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane and some iPhone pics

So I guess we're in the middle (well, on the edge) of a hurricane here in Virginia.  It's been raining since about 8pm last night (it's 11:30 am Monday now) but not too windy yet.  Didn't think about having to deal with hurricanes when we moved here!  We've been told to expect to lose power during the worst of the storm tonight, though I don't think it will be too bad where we are.  But we are prepared anyway with flashlights and batteries and water and food.  They cancelled school so the boys are home.  Greg went to work (only 5 minutes away), but he'll probably be home early.

Here's some pics from my iPhone from the last couple of weeks.
Our cars are now Virginia residents!

For about a week Emily every time I'd put Emily to bed for nap or night, she'd get all her blankets and pillows and sleep on the floor.  She's back to the bed now!

Greg put in a new light fixture over the kitchen table.  So much better than the ugly brass one that was there!

Emily got a new toybox (or stool to see out the window!).

The fall colors here are so beautiful!  Probably won't be any leaves left after this storm though.
Benjamin's new hobby - climbing trees!  He actually made it nearly to the top of this tree in front of our house.
See you on the other side of the storm!

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Kristal said...

Praying you weathered the storm!

My boy climbs trees like that too!

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