Monday, October 15, 2012

Football Game

 We went to our first high school football game here Friday night and Jonathan got to have a little taste of marching band.  The 8th graders were invited to play with the band for pregame and in the stands.  Jonathan got to play snare drum.  He loved it and can't wait for high school marching band! 
Jon is in the brown sweatshirt in the back.

Emily was a pain.  She wanted to go sit with Jon in the band let us know that she was not happy that she couldn't!
Yeah the hat is adorable, but she only kept it on for about 5 minutes!
 Greg's parents came to watch too!
Don't let that smile fool you.  She fussed most of the time!  Greg took her home after halftime.

Benjamin has been on a drawing kick lately.  He brought paper and pencil to keep himself entertained.  I need to do a post with his drawings.
I'm sure there will be many more football games in our future!

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