Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First day of school...

Well, we all survived the first day of school! Zachary went to all his classes and came home with lists of supplies he needed. After a trip to Target and $50 later I think he has everything he needs! Apparently, high school freshmen are too old to have a first day of school picture taken. This is all I got. He wouldn't look at much less smile for the camera and acted as if I had lost my mind!

Benjamin had a good start and says his work is too easy. I agree, but it will get more difficult soon! I've started teaching him piano too and we've already had tears - because he messed up! I keep telling him it doesn't have to be perfect the first time you try.

Jonathan got off to a bit of a rocky start. He thought 4th grade would be easy! After an attitude adjustment (and some serious warnings about what would happen if things didn't change), he decided it wasn't that bad.

We're registering Jonathon for the homeschool band this afternoon and band class starts next week.

1 day down 179 to go!


Stefunkc said...

What great pictures! I can't believe you're also teaching piano. Just helping with the practicing about puts me over the edge. 179...oh boy. We haven't even started yet.

About the Reader's Digest. I did subscribe for a while but found it was a waste of my money since I only read the funnies!!

The Reed Family - Postings by Melody said...

I just have to laugh at Zachary's picture. It is SO true! That is so typical! Welcome to the "mother of a high schooler"!! The adventure begins!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin... This is Tracy Kilgore Bugg... We went to PHS together and we were in band together. I haven't seen you in probably 20 years and I can't believe that either one of us has kids old enough to be in band! My daugther is in the Nimitz band and started marching last week. It is so bizarre watching her at the school. It certainly brings back lots of fun memories! Your family is beautiful. It was neat seeing where you are.

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