Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Playground

For the last couple months we have been watching a new playground being built. It's not in our neighborhood, but we pass it weekly on the way to Jonathan's band practice. Well, it's finished! So we checked it out last week and it's pretty amazing. I've never seen a playground like this one.

There's a slide with no middle...
And one with no sides.

They loved it, however, boys will be boys.
These big rocks in the parking area were just as much fun!


The Wades said...

Is this the one off Eagle Ranch and Paseo? If so, I've been curious how it is. You're so right--boys just want to climb on stuff like rocks. Cute picture.

Margie V said...

Now that looks like fun. I love the new park ideas... so different from the old jungle gyms and merry-go-round!

Regina said...

looks like a great park. blog is looking awesome!

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