Thursday, May 20, 2010


Adoption Update

I had a physical today for our adoption homestudy. My doctor declared me healthy enough to adopt! We'll have our next (possibly last) homestudy visit with our social worker this Saturday. She'll do the home inspection then. We finished our classes last Saturday. It looks like the only thing left is Greg's physical, which isn't until the middle of June. I'm still hoping we'll be approved by July.

Chick-fil-A Update
Zach is doing great at his job. We had lunch there the other day and he got to take our order. I had Jonathan take a picture with my phone. I know, it's terrible taking a picture of him at work. But I'm a blogger and a scrapbooker. I need pictures!

Homeschool Update

We are finished! Well, Jon and Ben are finished. We finished up all the bookwork last Friday. Then we had some fun field trip days this week - horseback riding Monday, zoo Tuesday, Chick-fil-A Wednesday. Zach will (one way or another!) finish by next Friday. We finished up band this week. The final concert is tomorrow night.

We take summers off. But I still require a little out of them. Everyone will still be taking music lessons through the summer, so there will be practicing. Everyone has to read every day. Jonathan will be doing a typing program. Benjamin will be doing math computer games - must get those multiplication tables down better!

Running Update

Running update? What? Greg and I started running/walking together in the evenings last week. He's moving his running to early mornings before work - he's crazy but he looks great! We have a 2 1/2 mile lap around our neighborhood. So we run a block, then walk a block. That I can handle. Then Benjamin decided he wanted to go with us. Then next day he talked Jonathan into going with us. Then the next day, Ben didn't want to go, but Jonathan talked him into it. Zach went with us once. I have to say exercising together as a family is fun. I hope we keep it up. (I need to look good in my bathing suit on our cruise!)

Ok, that's enough updates for now.


Anonymous said...

Some great updates - and running - wow - you go girl!

What math computer games are you using? My youngest son needs some summer practice for his times tables too...

The Wades said...

I read this the other day, but didn't comment. Loved the update! I really love the pic of Zach working. Not that it matters, but you totally have my support on all pictures like this. He'll LOVE it later.

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