Friday, November 05, 2010

Saying goodbye

Dawn Elizabeth Hubbard
  • BORN: November 1, 1931
  • DIED: October 31, 2010

We said goodbye to my friends', Alyson and Andrea, mother this week.

Dawn was diagnosed with an aggressive lung cancer in August. I had just visited her last week. She recognized me, and spoke a little. She was still eating a little. By Friday, things were much worse. Her final words that day were "everyone" a pause, then "love". She lost consciousness later that night and passed away Sunday afternoon.

Alyson, with Andrea's help (and hospice nurses) cared for her in home until the end.

She was an amazing lady. We shared a love of knitting and crocheting. She made each of my boys something when they were born. Though I didn't really appreciate those gifts until just a few years ago when I started knitting. Her last gift to me just two months ago was some yarn she wouldn't be able to use. That yarn is being put to good use.

Our friend Lori drove in from Missouri for the memorial service. It was so good to see her and get to spend some time together. It's a shame it takes events like these to bring people together. The service was beautiful and just what Alyson and Andrea wanted. They even sang a song together, though I don't know how they got through it without crying. It was beautiful.

Dawn, you will be missed. But we know we'll see you again.

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Michelle said...

Just got chills. What a beautiful tribute post.

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