Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The next step

So I think after looking at these older girls our perspective has changed. We believe that a lot of the older girl's behavior issues were related to multiple placements. Moving kids around so much is terrible for them no matter their age. We won't be able to help these girls, but maybe we can help some others to not have to go through that.

We have decided to accept concurrent foster placements. This means we will be foster parents and will support reunification with the birth family, but if that doesn't work out we would be able to adopt.

Will it be hard? Oh yeah. But we know what we're getting into. Will we fall in love with a little girl and then have to let her go? Probably. Will we get to adopt? Hopefully, eventually we will. Will all that we go through be worth it? Yes, because we are serving "the least of these" (Matthew 25:40). We feel really good about this decision and we are all really excited to have a little girl/girls in our home.

We have requested placements of 1 or 2 girls ages 2-7. We think we could get a placement pretty quickly, so maybe by the end of January there will be some more pink in my life!

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Anonymous said...

Bless you Robin. I know a family who does this and has been so blessed.

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