Monday, March 28, 2011

What's up?

My sister Renee and niece Sarah (17) were here over the weekend. Sarah had hadn't been here or wanted to come for a couple years because there was nothing for her to do and boys were no fun. But she couldn't wait to come meet the girls.

It was so nice to have them here and they were such a help. Renee was great at rocking M to sleep and Sarah kept J entertained.

Greg ran in the Batan Death March Memorial Marathon yesterday at White Sands. He said it was brutal: running mostly uphill in the sand in 4o mph wind. It took him just under 6 hours. He is very sore and moving slow today!

I'm still knitting when I can. I'm getting closer to the end of the baby blanket I've been working on, just a few inches to go. Then I came across another pattern last week and had to try it. It's the Mitered Crosses Blanket on the MasonDixon Knitting blog. Proceeds from the sale of the pattern go to relief work in Japan. I bought the pattern and have almost finished one square. Once I finish the square, I'll get back to the baby blanket.

Renee was at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago and got to see the Duggars being interviewed for the radio program. (The only thing I miss not having satellite TV anymore is their show 19 Kids and Counting.) Renee bought me their book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting. It's a good book and very well written. It tells their family story and also gives lots of parenting advice and tips. I'm now finding myself thinking, "How would Michelle Duggar repond?" Although I don't want that many kids, I admire how they are raising their family.

Sure wish I could post pictures of my beautiful girls.

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