Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Finally something is happening in J's case. We received notice of a Citizen Review Board hearing scheduled for next week. Everyone involved in the case (bio parents, foster parents, social worker's, etc.) gets to have input, then the board makes a recommendation to the judge. I don't think this means that we have a court date or anything. But I least we will be able to find out more about her case. I hope we will find out more about her bio dad and if he really desires to parent her.

M's case is moving along. Her social worker visited this morning. Somehow I didn't have her in my calendar and I was in the shower when she arrived. Thankfully, Greg was home! An adoption worker is looking over our homestudy and should be contacting us soon. Once our homestudy has been updated we will have a disclosure meeting, which means we get to see all of her records and information. After that, we get on to the legal part of it. We could possible be able to finalize by the fall!

Both girls are doing very well in our home. M is finally getting to sleep on her own and sleeping through the night. Until about a week ago, she was waking up at least once every other night and it was tough to get her back to sleep. But it might have been teething related - she cut her second molar last week! She is eating more and more table food, but we still do baby food too because that sometimes is just easier. She can drink from a sippy cup, but isn't quite ready to give up the bottle just yet. She is just about ready to walk - any day now!

J's behavior is improving, but we still have hard days. She can be defiant at times, but she's learning that Mom and Dad are in charge and things are a lot easier for her when she obeys. She's had no potty accidents in the last couple weeks, so I think we're over that. I've been working on letter recognition with her. She only recognized a few when we started. We've learned up through G and just added H,I, & J today. She is still resistant to learning how to write correctly, so we're holding off on that.

Greg is off work today and tomorrow. He took the boys to Itz (a pizza, game place) today. Tomorrow all 7 of us (even Zach!) are going to the zoo!

Thanks for checking on us!


Leticia said...

Amazing!! Sounds like you've seen a lot of improvement in a short time. You guys are doing an icredible job! Many parents areen't able to get their kids to sleep or tach them their letters after living 5 years with them.. Goes to show how invested you are nd how God has prepare all of you to be in one another's lives:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear the update Robin. I've been checking everyday. So happy for you all! Have fun at the zoo! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like prayers, time, and routine are really working for you all! So glad to hear. Have you thought about doing playdoh imitation of letters and shapes? That's what I use with a lot of my therapy kiddos. You make the letter and they copy it. Can be lots of fun. Lynette

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