Friday, April 22, 2011

J's case and M's eval

We had a busy day yesterday! J's social worker came with news and M had a developmental evaluation.

So CYFD has finally decided to get moving on J's case. They are supposed to be filing TPR (termination of parental rights) on dad this week. I'll believe it when we actually receive notification, but at least that's something. Once it's been filed we should have a court date within 60 days. At that hearing the judge will either approve or deny the TPR. The case is really resting on our therapist's testimony that J is the healthiest (emotionally and physically) she has ever been and she needs to stay with us. If the judge approves TPR all visits with dad and bio family stop and dad has 30 days to appeal. I have no idea how long an appeal would take, but there would be no visits during that time. If the judge denies the TPR, she will go to live with dad after a transition period. So I guess its in a judge's hands now. But we really know it's in God's hands!

M's doctor suggested we have a developmental evaluation and we had that yesterday. It turns out she is a little behind in language and gross and fine motor skills. The delays are enough that she qualifies for services. So we will probably be starting some therapy for her in the next few weeks. I really don't think we have anything to worry about and I believe she will catch up quickly.

We sure do love these girls and we will do whatever it takes for them to be happy and healthy.

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Kristal said...

Wow, that was "sudden" on J's case. I wonder why it took all this time to decided to finally cease his rights?

Praying that God will "speed" things along and give you much peace with whatever the decision is

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