Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sick and more...

Ok, so that sick to my stomach comment on my last post. It was a little more than just being upset about the situation. By Thursday night I could barely get out of bed. I won't go into all the gory details, but I was sick. It is not easy being sick when you have 4 kids to care for and one of them a baby. Greg was able to come home from work early Thursday and Friday and Jonathan was a big help too. I'm finally today starting to feel somewhat normal again.

We do have a date to finish the trial: August 2.

And some exciting news about M. I think she's finally decided to talk! The last couple days she has been saying a lot more: da-da, ma-ma, diaper, thank you, night-night. It just seems like she's trying more to talk. We know she understands a lot. She just needs to make the jump to actually using words herself. Because the screaming to communicate is not really working for us!

We have a busy week coming up with doctor appointments for the girls and a visit with M's social worker. Hopefully we'll find out where they are in the process of termination so we can get moving on her adoption.

Zach will be back in the states Thursday and home Sunday night. We sure do miss him.


Kristal said...

I'm so sorry you got so ill. It is not easy being sick with little ones!

Have you thought of teaching M sign language to help her as she learns to speak? This way she has a way to talk without screaming. It really helped my kiddos. I only taught them simple words. Signing Time has great videos that my library has... just a thought

Anonymous said...

Prayers with you and your family as the court proceedings continue today. I know you all know that God has the big picture in his loving hands. Trust him to care for you and the girls. Love, Lynette

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