Monday, August 13, 2012

Paint and furniture

Last week was a busy week for me.  I painted two rooms.

 First Emily's room.  Of course it had to be pink!

Before and after

The whole room is a pale pink, with that one wall (where her headboard will be) is a darker shade. Her room is going to be so adorable.  I've ordered a white chest of drawes and Greg's parent's are painting a bed (that used to be Greg's when he was little) white.  Greg's mom and my sister-in-law Doelyn are making a quilted bedspread.  And I have a little quilt that was my grandmother's to hang on the wall.  I'm in no hurry though.  She's still sleeping in a pack n play and we're fine with that for now.

Then the kids bathroom.  The green had to go!
Before and after

It's a sandy beige and looks great with the shower curtain a I got a few weeks ago.

I'm done painting for a while.  That's hard work!

Then yesterday Greg and I went to Ikea.  I love Ikea!  It's only about 45 minutes from our house.  We got this sofa for the basement.  It's also pulls out to make a full size bed.  It will be great for sleepovers and when we have guests.  It was in 4 boxes and yes it fit in the van!  Jonathan helped Greg put it together.
I also got this new desk chair which Benjamin helped me put together.  (Helpful boys!) So pretty!

One week until school starts!

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Kristal said...

Love the pink and the couch!

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