Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More settled

We're getting more and more settled here in our new home in Virginia.  Last weekend we hung the last of the pictures on the walls and Greg and Jonathan got the trampoline put up.

It still needs a new spring pad and safety net that should be delivered on Friday.

Emily's room is nearly done.  We hung my Grandmother's quilt (that was made by her Grandmother in 1928) on her wall.

We will be getting the new quilt for her bed (made by me, Grandma, and Aunt Doelyn) this weekend.

I got a new bedspread for our bed.
It's not very exciting, but I got it to show off the quilt made by my sister-in-law.  I would like to find some decorative pillows that would work with the quilt.

We've had some sickness around here.  Emily was throwing up over the weekend, then it was Jonathan's turn yesterday.  He stayed home from school today, but seems to be feeling better.  And now Emily's nose is running.  We all need to get well and stay well!

In other news...Zachary is on his way!!!  Can't wait to see my boy!

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