Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zach's visit

We all had a great time with Zach here.  He flew in Wednesday night.  It was so nice to have all my kids together again.  Emily was especially happy to see her big brother again!

We didn't do much Thursday, but Friday was busy.  We drove to Fredricksburg to have lunch with David and Doelyn (Greg's brother and his wife).  I had intended to take pics, but Emily had a tummy ache and cried the whole time, poor thing.  (We got her issue taken care of when we got home - she's fine.)  Then Greg's parents and Jan (sister) and Bobby (nephew) came over for dinner Friday night.

Saturday, Greg took the boys into DC to the Spy Museum.  That night we had a fire.  Yeah, we can have a fire in our back yard.  I think that's about as close to camping as I want to get right now!

Greg's parents stayed with us for the weekend so before church we had a little photo shoot. I needed some pics with all of us for our annual Christmas card - yes, I do plan ahead!

Sunday night Zach took me to dinner.  I guess he misses his mom a little.

So, he was happy to visit, but he still wants to stay in NM.  We miss him, but he's making his own choices now.  It's hard to let go!

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Kristal said...

I'm glad you had a great time - love your family pictures!

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