Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Emily's Bed/Farm Tour

Here is Emily's bed with the quilt made by me, Grandma, and Aunt Doelyn.

I just love it! It's so pink and girly and old fashioned.  Emily loves it too and calls the little girls (the pattern is called Sunbonnet Sue) her babies.

This past weekend, we did a local county Farm Tour.  Several farms were open for visitors to come and see what happens on a farm.  We visited an historic farm where we toured an old farmhouse and took a nature hike, a pumpkin and strawberry farm where we picked our own pumpkins (going back next spring to pick strawberries!) and learned about bees, a horse farm where we also saw a goat and chickens, and a flower farm (my favorite).

 The boys were not quite sure about my entertainment choice for their Saturday, but they actually enjoyed it and maybe learned a little too!  Here's some photo highlights.

Emily really wanted to pet a chicken!

Emily was fine riding on the pony, but she is very wary of full-size horses.


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Kristal said...

LOVE the quilt! I had a Holly Hobby one like that when I was little that I still remember!

Fun farm tours - so cute that she fell asleep.

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