Sunday, July 17, 2011


So sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Life has been kind of crazy!

We got home from our vacation Monday evening. It was another looooong 3 days in the car to get home, but the kids all did great and I'm so glad we made the trip.

The TPR trial for J's dad started Tuesday afternoon, but they didn't even get through 2 witnesses. It will continue again next Wednesday and then August 9 if needed. I still really feel at this point it could go either way. Yes, it would be in J's best interest to be freed for adoption, but her dad has been doing everything he's asked to do and I'm not sure from a legal standpoint that his rights can be terminated. I'm having a really hard time with all of this. I want to love J with all my heart and I do love her. But I think I hold back a little because there might be a chance we have to let her go. I'm praying all the time for God to help me love her with His love.

My sister Renee and her 2 youngest kids have been here since Wednesday evening. We've been swimming, to the zoo, and bowling. We're going swimming again today. We've got to keep these kids busy or they just want to play video games all day!

Greg and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary Thursday. I really can't believe I've been married over half my life! And Greg still surprises me - he got me an iPad! Renee babysat for us so we could have a date night. Thanks Renee!

Zach called yesterday from the Bahamas. He's doing great, working hard and having fun. I sure do miss him!

Renee will leave tomorrow morning and we'll try to get back into our regular routine, which all of us need, especially J and me!

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Kristal said...

Praying for your heart as the case goes on. That would be so tough

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